What Types of Foods do People in India eat?


indian foodsIndian cuisine is very popular abroad. It is spicy and tasty. Of course, such cuisine is consumed on occasions and not on a daily basis. What do people in India generally have and what are their special dishes?

The menu varies from region to region. Tastes differ and the preparations are also different. What types of food do people in India eat?

What Foods do Indians Eat?

  • Chapatis – This is made of wheat and people belonging to the north of India generally have it for lunch and dinner. They have it with dal (soup made of pulses) and vegetable curries.
  • Dal – This is soup made of pulses and contains a lot of protein.
  • Curries – Vegetable curries are very popular with meals. It is a must. Indians consume a lot of vegetables.
  • Rice – In the south people eat a lot of rice. They have it for lunch and dinner.
  • Pickle – Pickle is a must with meals. In south they are very spicy. Popular pickles are mango, ginger, amla, green chillies etc.
  • Sweets – In most parts of India people have deserts as sweets. These are cheese and milk based. During the festival season, lots of sweets are consumed. Sweets such as burfi, rasagolla, jalebi are consumed a lot. Bengalis love sweets.
  • Curds or Lassi – People have curds(yogurt) or lassi after a meal. It cools down the digestive system after spicy intake. It is also a must.
  • Idlis – In the south, Idlis or steamed cakes are taken for breakfast.
  • Dosas – South Indians have dosas for breakfast as well. They are a type of pancakes made of rice. They are sometimes stuffed with potato curry.
  • Sambar – This a Dal preparation, which south Indians have it with idlis and dosa and also for lunch and dinner with rice.
  • Rasam – This is also a prepartion of Dal, very popular with south Indians. It is a type of saltish soup, very spicy and tasty.
  • Parathas – These are thick forms of chapattis with lots of oil. In the North, people have them for breakfast.
  • Pakodas – People have them for tea. They are also a Dal preparation and are fried in oil.
  • Puris – These are small types of rotis which are prepared in oil. People eat them with different curries, most popular being potato curry.
  • Papad – These are fried in oil and people have them with chapattis or rice.
  • Tandoori Chicken – This is a popular chicken dish. It is tasty and spicy.
  • Chole batura – This is a popular North Indian dish. It is made of pulses and roti or type of naan.
  • Naan – This is another type of roti or chapatti, which people have with dal or curries.
  • Kebabs – This is a meat dish very popular in the North.
  • Fish – Bengalis eat a lot of fish. They simply cannot do without it.

Indian food has much to offer. The daily intake is routine, but on special occasions different types of cuisines are prepared.



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