What is Considered Success in India?


Success means a lot to Indians. They work hard to attain it. Whether he or she is a student, a working professional or businessman or woman, the word success turns them on. Their whole life revolves around it. To be failure is a social stigma. A successful woman or man is much appreciated in the Indian society and is emulated.

Success means different things to different people. It varies from individual to individual. But the eagerness to attain it is the same among all. What is considered as success in India?

What is Considered Success in India? The Concept of Success in India

  • Material well -being is definitely looked up to. A successful man is one who earns a good wage and is able to provide well for his family. A comfortable home, Good food, nice clothes to wear and money for travel and entertainment, a good education for his children is what is expected of him by the society. A person who can shoulder the family financial responsibility well, without depending upon loans and outside help is considered to be a successful man.
  • Success in career is also looked up to by people in the Indian social set-up. A man or woman who scales up the ladder of success in her job or profession is considered to be intelligent and very capable. Men and women strive hard to reach the top position in their respective career. Women have been successful as a prime minister, as president of the country, as women police officers, senior air force personnel etc. Successful men have reached great heights in their respective fields. Poets, writers and artists are known for their contributions. Well- known musicians are looked up to for their renderings.
  • Success in social circuit – A man or woman is considered to be popular if he or she moves around and socializes a lot. Many women as socialites attain a lot of fame. Quite a few men attain distinction in party circles. Those who organize successful party gatherings are looked up to.
  • Success in taking care of family responsibilities – A man who shoulders well his family responsibilities is looked up to in India. By providing the family members all the material benefits that society can offer, a decent education, a man is appreciated for his sense of responsibility. A man who shirks such responsibilities is looked down upon. Similarly, a woman is looked up to if she takes good care of her family. A career woman who can manage both work place and home is well appreciated.
  • Success in spiritual pursuits – Many gurus and spiritual leaders become famous for attaining spiritual success. Their path to enlightenment is well appreciated by the people, who would also like to traverse on the same path. Attaining spiritual happiness is much sought after. Spiritual leaders who are successful in preaching the ways and means to achieve happiness are considered to be successful.

Thus success is what Indians generally desire. After all, who wants to be a failure in society? They try their best to be successful in life.


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