When is Kali Puja? Kali Puja Dates, Legends, Celebrations, Rituals


kali puja2009 Kali Puja Dates – Kali Puja 2009 is on Saturday, 17th of October

2010 Kali Puja Dates – Kali Puja 2010 is on Friday, 5th of November

2011 Kali Puja Dates – Kali Puja 2011 is on Wednesday, 26th October

2012 Kali Puja Dates – Kali Puja 2012 is on Tuesday, 13th November

2013 Kali Puja Dates – Kali Puja 2013 is on Sunday, 3rd November

2014 Kali Puja – Thursday, 23rd October 2014

Kali Puja
Kali is the ferocious image of Goddess Durga, and is a powerful Goddess. She is much worshipped by the Bengalees. Kali puja is performed to diminish all negativity and egos that prevent material prosperity and spiritual progress.

The Kali puja is performed on the Kartik Amavasya night during October/November. The purpose is to seek help from the Goddess to get rid of evil forces outside and inside us.

Legend of Kali
Kali in a mood of killing spree began destroying everything that she came across. Lord Shiva wanted to put an end to this and threw himself under her feet. She was amazed by this and she was so awe stricken by the episode that her tongue stuck out of her mouth. She put an end to her killing spree. Since then the common image of Kali that one comes across is her standing on one foot on Shiva with her huge tongue stuck out.

According to the legend, the demons, Nishambhu and Shambu, happened to disturb the peace and tranquility of Indra, who is the king of the gods in his empire ( the heaven). After long battles the gods lost complete hope and the demons became more stronger. The god sought refuge in the mountains, the abode of Lord Shiva and Parvati. The gods took help from Mahamaya Durga, who is the goddess of Shakti. Kali was born out of the forehead of Durga and was known as Kal Bhoi Nashini. She was created to save the earth as well as heaven from the demons. Accompanied with Dakini and Jogini, her two escorts, she set out to get rid of the demons.

Much chaos prevailed all around and Kali after killing the demons wore their heads as a garland around her neck. In the process of killing she lost control and started killing anybody she came across. The god ran for help and the only person who could help out was Lord Shiva, the consort of Durga. Lord Shiva decided to lay down in her path and seeing him under feet, Kali immediately came back to her normal senses and stopped the rampage.

Celebrations of Kali Puja
It is great festival in West Bengal and it is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. Lamps are lit in the honor of Kali Mata. Candles are lit up in the houses. Children and adults burst firecrackers. The devotees decorate their houses and rangoli designs are drawn in the front of courtyard and houses. In the evening elaborate puja is performed. The devotees seek protection from her and relief from hardships. In fact, most people do not sleep that night.

Ritual of Kali Puja
It happens to be a tantrik puja and is performed during the Amavasya at midnight in the month of November.

Kali Puja is performed by devotees for protection from evil forces and also to overcome hardships. In West Bengal it is a great event and an auspicious occasion.




    Kali Puja can also be held in the night of any tuesday or saturday.Every month, during amavasya or new moon,Kali Puja can be done at night. Exception: On the month of Magha(which falls in the months of jan-feb) Kali is worshipped during the twilights,on the krishna-chaturdashi tithi, which is called Ratanti. Ratanti Kalipuja helps a person to get rid of defamation and helps in increasing the power of the Sun in the astrological charts.
    As per the rituals of Kali puja go, first of all, the purohit has to draw the sarvatobhadramandala with the help of powdered colours and place the kalash or the ghata on it. Then he has to draw the Kali Yantra on the red sandalwood paste smeared copper plate with the help of a bel tree twig and place it near the idol. After that he starts the puja, gives suryarghya,does the sudhhis and the nyasas(it takes around 2-3 hrs), then invokes Kali in the kalash. Then comes prana pratistha,chakshurdaan. Now we welcome the divine Mother in our homes and offer her 16 types of gifts (shodashopachara).We take permission from her and worship her side deities,8 matrikas,8 bhairavas and finally Mahakalbhairava,Kali’s male consort. Then we provide the balidaan(sacrifice) and lighten 108 oil lamps. Then the purohit does the Bhog nivedana(offers cooked food ,fruits, sweets to the Mother). Again we welcome the Mother by arati and do the homa. There ends the puja on the kalipuja night. Next day, we worship the Mother again with yogurt,chida and sweets and take the idol to immerse in the Ganges and pray to the Mother to come to our homes the next year again. Devotees come back home and sprinkle Ganges water on everybody’s heads. This is called Prashastivandana. Then all have sweets and prasadams.
    The idol of Kali that is worshipped in the homes are that of Dakshina Kali, who is less terrific and bestows the worshippers with happiness,long life and wealth. In some parts,like the cremation grounds and deserted places the Vama Kali idol is worshipped by tantriks and black magicians, with the help of 5 m karas,namely madya(wine), mangsha(meat), mudra(specific ways of drinking), matsya(fried fish) and maithuna(sex) for some specific purposes. Generally, this puja is not performed at homes in front of everyone.

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