Hanuman Jayanti 2009, 2010


hanuman jayantiWhen is Hanuman Jayanti in 2009? 2009 Hanuman Jayanthi is on 9th April.

When is Hanuman Jayanthi in 2010? 2010 Hanuman Jayanti is on 30th March.

The birthday of Hanuman falls on “Chaitra Shukla Purnima”(full moon day in the months of March- April). The monkey-god is worshipped all over India with great reverence. He is a brahmachari (celibate).

Hanuman was a staunch devotee of Lord Rama and is worshipped for his total devotion to the Lord. He is the symbol of devotion and strength. He has so much power that he can wield rocks, travel through air, Move Mountains, and seize clouds. He is worshipped as a deity who can ward off evil spirits and is considered to possess magical powers.

Legend of Hanuman Jayanti
Sita had applied sindhoor on her forehead and Hanuman enquired about its significance. He was told by Sita that this ensured long life for her husband. Hanuman on hearing this applied sindhoor all over his body praying for the immortality of his Lord.

Celebration of Hanuman Jayanti
Hanuman is worshipped on this auspicious day and people fast. People read the Hanuman Chalisa and recite the name of Lord Rama. This pleases Hanuman and he blesses the devotee with success in all his or her efforts. From early morning hours people visit the Hanuman temple. Spiritual discourses are organized in the early hours in the temple premises. At home idols and pictures of Hanuman are cleaned up in the early hours of morning.

Ritual of Hanuman Jayanti
People visit the Hanuman temple and apply the sindhoor taken from the idol of Hanuman on their forehead. It is supposed to bring good luck to them. Prasad (religious food offering) is distributed among the people. Pooja is performed and abhisheka (religious offering consisting of coconut and flowers) is done. Preparations begin very early in the morning. The pictures and idols of Hanuman are smeared with sindhoor. Bananas and sweets are offered. Prayers are held and aarti is performed. Most of the devotees keep fast, especially those who are wrestlers and body builders. Although generally fast is done by Hindu women in most festivals, in this case men mostly go on fast.

Hanuman represents strength and courage. Men worship him to imbibe his courageous qualities. He was a great devotee of Lord Rama.



  1. i want to fast of mangalwar so what i do in day and night to do this with neatly so kindly tell about this.

  2. Loveleen Saini on

    I really loved whatever is written about Hanuman ji on this page.

    Thank you very very much.

    Jai Shree Ram
    Jai Shree Hanuman



  4. Mahesh Bejugam on

    Hi Raman wasan, I agree with you…i to recommend all hindus to do fast on Tuesday, atleast on Hanuman Jayanthi Mar 30, 2010

  5. As all of us know the time of Birth of Lord Krishna was at Midnight, the time of birth of Lord Rama was at noon, yeah its 12.00 noon, now can anyone please update me about the time of birth of Lord Hanuman. I have tried a lot but could not get answer. Thanks

  6. surendra sahu on

    hanuman is a god of divotion, so we must learn the lesson of divotion in our work from LORD HANUMAN. JAY SHRI RAM.

  7. sanjay kshirsagar on

    Hanuman is all powerful, courageous, removes all problems and sorrows. Chanting his name is enough to fill one with courage and energy.

    Before yourself place Hanuman Yantra in some plate. On it smear vermilion. Next offer a mixture of jaggery, ghee and chapati. Thereafter chant 11 rounds of the following Mantra with Red Coral rosary.

    Om Namo Hanumantaay Aaveshay Aaveshay Swaahaa.

    After completion of the Mantra recital go to sleep there itself. This Sadhana should be tried only at night and must be continued for 11 days. Let the sweet offered remain at its place. The next day put it in some utensil and offer fresh sweets.

    The eleventh night Lord Hanuman without fail manifests before the Sadhak and provides solutions to the problems of the Sadhak or blesses him with desired success.

    After completion of Sadhana give away the sweet collected on all eleven days to some poor person or go and bury it in the earth in South direction from your home. Sadhaks have managed to ward off acute problems, ailments and even possible incarceration through this Sadhana. Without doubt this ritual is unfailing and unique.

    jai shriram
    jai hanuman

  8. Can girls do fasting on hanuman jayanti? is their is any such rule that we have to follow? please guide me. Because i was fasting & reading Hanuman Chalisa, but many people said me that girls should not fast or read that book. Pls. guide me.

    • Hanuman challis can be read with everyone it does n’t differ to the Gender, doing fasting is not bad see that, u dont do it on ur Meturation time..

  9. @Pallavi p u can fast and read hanuman chalisa ..no prob 🙂

    well all of u read the Hanuman Chalisa especially on hanuman jayanti . Spend the whole day in the Japa of Ram-Nam…whether u in school/coll/office/home/travelling wherever do the chating (in mind).Sri Hanuman will be highly pleased and will bless you with success in all your undertakings.

    H: Humility is his hallmark
    A: Anjaneya or the son of wind
    N: Never got married, a celibate with utter respect for women
    U: Undying devotion to Lord Ram
    M: Maruti is yet another name
    A: Agile with ability to conquer evil spirits as an “avtaar” of Lord Shiva
    N: Names of the deity other than Hanuman are: Bajaranga Bali, Pavana Putra, Mahvira

  10. Surendra Sharma on

    Hanuman jayanthi is an occasion to reflect what devotion is all about. Ramji’s greatest devotee is Hanumanji.
    Ram bhakth Hanumam ki jai! Shri Ram ki jai!!
    Surendra Sharma

  11. I asked u a question but their is no respose wat is this? i think the Admin also don know this answer.
    Simply i thought u can answer any question.

  12. yeah u can read hanuman chalisa no prob @ pallavi

    btw yesterday only i have reply about urs query with some extra details but don’t know why that message was not came up ! Hope this one will be approved by admin

  13. Hanuman Ji is my favorite God. he always helps when ever I was in troubles. today is hanuman Jayananyi . Happy Birth day Hanuman Sir. My Son Shubham Birth Day is also in Hanuman Jayanti.

  14. On this holy day worship Sri Hanuman. Fast on this day. Read the Hanuman Chalisa. Spend the whole day in the Japa of Ram-Nam.

  15. Chetan Gossai on


    The Hanuman chalisa is for everyone, and it makes miracles happen. If you want to fast on Tuesdays and/or Saturdays it’s fine… Hanuman Jayanti fasting can be done, and usually it’s broken with prasad, then a meal is had after sunset.

    It’s just the custom that mainly brahmcharya boys, body builders, wrestlers, etc. fast on this day as Bhakt Hanuman represents those things a lot.

    I’m also debating whether to observe it on the 29th or 30th as I’m in the U.S. and purnima is the 29th… Maybe I will just fast on both days.

    Just my humble 2 cents.. hope it helps.

    Bajrang Bali Kee Jai!


  17. To Pallavip
    As long as you are clean. Then shower, washing your hair and wearing clean cloths. I don’t see a reason why you can’t pray to Shree Hanuman – as a daughter to him. This is my opion, but reliogus Pundits may have a different view. Jai Shree Ram

  18. Everybody can do the fasting…and go for the pooja..hanuman is a god of all …and today is hanuman jayathi

    Rama Lakshmana Janaki,
    Jai Bholo Hanuman ki

  19. I am Residing Karnataka District Karwar,Taluka Bhatka this town all eight direction God Hannuman temples
    traditionally 1000 years old beautiful hanuman temples. I am author published a Book named Bhatkals Dharmik chintna ” Asta dikkina Hannumanth” Here Channapattana Hanuman is main boss of all EIight direction Hanumans. So Kindly invite visit Hanuman god” s suprem power gods miracle town Bhatkal.

  20. Dear all,

    I am a devotee of Hanumanji, he has pulled me out of my bad times and i am totally relying on him for every small things that happen in my life.

    Jai Hanuman
    Jai Shree Ram
    Jai Sita Ram


  21. Thank u PriThvi,
    I just read ur advice & i liked ur response, thank u very much, but today i only went to temple, did a simple pooja. if u can please contact me on my mail id SIR : sanshi.528@gmail.com .

    all of u thank u to giv me a good response

  22. thank u BHAKT ji
    for answering my question.
    thank u very much, & in most i liked ur thinking,
    i think ur thinking capacity is same as mine.

  23. Shailza Walia on

    Till date i have not heard of Hanuman Jayanti.. but today one of my friends told me about this fest..
    Then i searched and got to know alot about this…. thanks for the great info…

    Jai Shri Ram….

  24. very nice information…
    On this day people will make a garland made of beetel(chewing leaf) and put to hanuman.
    In Bangalore temples distribute curd rice, which is supposed to be one of the favorite food of hanuman.

    Sri Vayu Vajra Hanuman ki Jai

  25. Jai Shri Ram, Jai Hanuman.

    Hanuman ji will complete all of your’s good wishes soon. Hanuman ji always defend and keep safe
    his all “Bhagats” from the evils and monsters.

    Prem se bolo “Jai Hanuman ji”

    Prem se bolo “Jai Mata di”

    Prem se bolo “Jai shri Ram”

    Prem se bolo “Har Har Mahadev”

  26. Jeevan Chauhan on

    Jai Hanuman Ji Ki Jai Ho.

    Can anyone tell that it is said by most of the people that to keep fast of hanuman ji by a boy does not let him get marry.

    I m confused that i m to get marry now & i keep fast on every tuesday is it not good before marriage to keep fast.


    Jeevan Chauhan

    • Hanuman ji himself is the greatest devotee of Shri Ram , who is married with 2 lovely boys . As says Hanuman Chalisa” Asth Siddhi Nav Nidhi Ke Data, As bas deen Janaki Mata” he wud not come in the way of marriage , he is far too above all these mortal thnkings. So Relax , Marriage is Also a Tapovan, where u practice perseverance, tolerance and love for ur yonger ones and take care of ur elder ones before u take care of ur needs .

      Jai Shree Ram !

  27. Its my personal, beleve that workshiping hanumanji regularly will definatly always lead you to prosperity, hardtime becomes easy and you always move positivly . Its work if you have a strong beleive.

  28. Hanuman is my fav god. I was scared of ghost and darkenss earlier but after chanting hanuman chalisa i never felt like before . Telling truly chanting hauman chalisa brings lots of happiness and success in life.

    Anjanai putraya vidmahe vaayuputraya dheemahi Tanho Hanuman Prajitayat..
    Jai Bajranh Bali Ki jai

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