Guru Purnima


Guru plays an important role in the life of devotees who seek truth from them and acquire much knowledge about the spiritual realm. They are able to shape their lives based on the teachings and advise of these gurus.

Gurus are considered to represent God himself. They are people who can lead one on the path of happiness and help in attaining salvation from worldly existence. People worship their Gurus.

History of Guru Purnima
The Ashad month of Hindu calendar (July-August), which happens to be the full moon day is auspicious day when Guru Purnima is celebrated. It is celebrated in the memory of the great sage Vyasa. Hindus are indebted to him as he edited the Vedas and also wrote 18 Puranas, Srimad Baghvata and the Mahabharata. Dattatreya, who happened to be the Guru of Gurus was taught by Vyasa.

On this day Krishna-dwaipayana Vyasa, who is the author of Mahabharata, was born. Veda Vyasa made several contributions to the Vedic literature.

Celebration of Guru Purnima
On this occasion Vyasa is worshipped and devotees perform puja for their Gurus. People welcome the much awaited rains. And the cool showers provide relief to the parched fields. This is the time for one to begin their spiritual lessons. Devotees intensify their “sadhana” for spiritual attainment. The period of “chaturmas”( four months) begins from this day. Spiritual wanderers sit down together and hold discussions on spiritual affairs. Discourses are held on the Brahma Sutras, which have been composed by Vyasa and Vedantic discussions are held. The spiritual gurus are remembered on this day for their teachings.

Rituals of Guru Purnima
Religious discussions are held and the disciples carry out self-introspection. They offer “pujan” to the guru and pay their respects to the guru in mind, speech and action. They obey his wishes without any reservations. They serve him as they would serve God.

Gurus are obeyed and revered on Guru Purnima day. The devotees seek truth, love and compassion from them. They show undue respect to their knowledge and teachings.


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