Harappans Made use of English type of Lingo


english languageThe residents of the Indus Valley Civilization that existed 4,000 years ago on the present day Indo-Pakistan border have been using a language quite similar to present day languages such as English, Tamil and Sanskrit.

The Indus Valley civilization, also known as Harappan civilization is a contemporary of Egyptian as well as Mespotamian cultures. It was situated in the presently existing eastern part of Pakistan and northwestern part of India. It was a highly prosperous civilization and was well developed in all respects. The people belonging to the civilization were very sophisticated.

Indian scientists had carried out statistical study of various symbols used in this civilization and compared them with linguistic scripts as well non-linguistic systems such as encoding of the DNA as well as computer programming.

The scientists found that these inscriptions were closely matching with those of our present day spoken languages such as Tamil, English and Sanskrit.

The results of their findings were published in the journal Science. The Indus script is yet an “unknown language.”

The scientists belonging to the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai and the Institute of Mathematical Sciences as well as the Indus Research Centre in Chennai developed models that helped in the comparison of the symbols with the modern languages.

Symbols in languages have certain amount of flexibility or rather conditional enthropy, which assists in analyzing the structure of a language. The researchers are now trying to decipher the rules and grammar that govern the language.


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