Top 10 Ways How to Impress Wife


wifeThe relationship between a husband and wife is a very sensitive affair. It has to be based on mutual trust, love and care as well understanding. Much effort goes into maintaining the relationship. Both the husband and wife have to make that extra effort to show their love for each other. Any kind of neglect on each other’s part could lead to a termination of the relationship or end up as relationship with no sparks.

A husband needs the support of his wife to carry on with his professional life and also to meet his emotional and physical needs. He cannot take his partner for granted and has to ensure that she is happy being married to him. In other words, he has to impress upon his wife to keep himself in her good books. What all he needs to do to impress upon her?

  • Wine and dine with her frequently – A husband needs to spend time with his wife more. He may be busy with his official work, but yet he needs to take time off and take her out for dinner. A romantic candle dinner would keep the love flame alive.
  • Take interest in her hobbies – A wife likes it when her husband shows keen interest in how she spends her time at home. The husband needs to show interest in her hobbies and if possible participate in them.
  • Spend time with the children – A wife after all has devoted her precious time in the upbringing of the children. She naturally would like it if her husband also took time off and spent it with the children. The husband needs to make her feel that he is also shouldering the responsibility of bringing up the children.
  • Show interest in her friends – A wife spends her free time with her friends. She would like it if her husband was also interested in her association with her friends. He is expected to respect her friends and treat them well.
  • Socializing – A husband needs to take his wife to social get-togethers and not make her feel alienated by leaving her at home. Even at official gatherings, he can take his wife along with him.
  • Buy gifts – Buying the appropriate gift for the wife requires much time and effort, which the husband should not overlook. A birthday gift, a marriage anniversary surprise party can do wonders to make a wife come closer to the husband.
  • Respect her family members – A wife cares about her family, be it her brother, sister or parents. A husband needs to be careful to avoid hurting her feelings by insulting any of her family members.
  • Go on holiday – It is important for the husband to spend his precious moments with his wife. A summer trip to the Bahamas or Hawaii sounds very exciting. A wife will be thrilled to spend time with her children and husband, away from her daily chores.
  • Help her with the daily chores – despite his pressures at work, it would be nice if the husband took some time out and helped his wife with her daily chores in the house. The wife may feel bored doing them. She would appreciate the gesture extended by her husband as a thought of love and affection for her.
  • Not forgetting the marriage anniversary date – A husband who remembers his marriage anniversary date is well received by a wife. After all, she would feel that he is still full of same loving concern for her as he was on her first date with him.

A husband who cares for the feelings of his wife will make a success of his marriage. By neglecting her, he would either live in a miserable relationship or end up losing her. A conscious effort needs to be made to impress upon her to strengthen the marital bonds.



    • if you want to impress your wife i have a solution for it …

      Pls never ever try to impress your wife…. but a woman need all is your love…just your love… which include your caring.. at all levels of your daily life…understand her feeling… as an husband,being yelder should guide her like a teacher…share thoughts& suggest her like a friend.. appritiate her deeds…encourage in doing things… protect her as an brother, care her as father.

      • Tejpal Singh on

        hi guyz….

        just wanna tell u that when she will need u ..u always be alert and protect her with your responsibility.then your life become success . Don’t forget her any time.. Ok.. and also try to understand her mood… about both of urs life or s**..anything.. Don’t force her which she do not like..

  1. However busy you are , you can take care of your spouse, by calling on phone giving information that u r coming back to home, “do u want anything from nearby market?”, warm talks.
    ya, but this needs u some extra effort doing all your oveloaded works,but it is easy. In order to have fresh mind to handle all these , u need to eat fresh(fruits), being happy doing works and regular yoga especially for cool and fresh mind. Most of the Yoga related to breathing makes u fresh in the morning!.

    Once these things becomes your habit, happiness will never leave u and neither ur spouse .

    So, try it tooo!

    • Naushad Khan on

      Purchase some artificial Jwellary and keep in a good quality box and gift to your wife. don’t tell her that this is not origional and when after some time she inform you just tell oh my god……and after some time Koi baat nahi yaar tujhse badkar mere liye kuchh nahi hai……..

    • Learn to WAIT … Why Am I Taking, Speak as less as possible and she will tell u all that she wants… u must have time and money to satisfy her… not an easy task….

  2. 1. Eat appreciatively of her cooking and express it often in words.
    2. Set aside at least one night each week for a “Night-out” with her.
    3. Have only praise for her, when talking with others.
    4. Work together with your own children.
    5. Develop spare-time hobbies that you can share with each other.
    6. Plan many events together, rather than each going separate ways.
    7. Have frequent words of promise for her.
    8. Share all plans, problems, efforts and benefits of your home.
    9. Remember her and the entire family daily in your personal prayers.
    10. Remember all anniversaries and other special events.

  3. Bhupinder singh on

    Thanks for ur advice but i have already doing this and that but my wife not impressed. kindly send more advices.

  4. Wife & car are one and the same with one difference*,the more you take care the longer it runs.
    *You can change your car for a better one but not wife…..just one trick men…….. just love her as you would want to be loved…. thats it!!

    “Its all about mutual respect and reciprocation in all aspects of life”

  5. Hello Friends

    All of you have given some nice tips. I really like these tips.
    Few things i like to add in this.

    Help her in her household and other work.
    Spend some time with her
    Take her to a long drive whenever get a chance.

  6. If you are husband then whay u need ather help .

    you have to no your wife , what she like and dislike…..
    no need any advise.thanks

  7. A wife does all she can to keep us happy so we should also keep her happy. Some tips I’d like to add.
    A wife forgets all her pain when a husband embraces her in in his arms. My wife says that she feels like being in heaven when I touch her with love.

  8. One morning, my wife told me that she was having ugly dreams at night and then, suddenly her dreams changed and she was very happy wherever she was. I smiled as I went back through last night’s happenings. My wife was screaming with pain and before I could wake her up, she put her hand over my chest and grabbed my shirt tightly. From these I realised the way she had considered me as. I also went through her diary where she had written that I’m her only god.

  9. nise tips for me . i think we are so bussy in our daily life. and don,t care about love. but we should firmly give time to build sweet relationship.


    My wife is not interested in me. because she had love in her college life and till now she wants him . But, due to social aspects and with fear of relatives she could not show open ness but and when she find his photo in newspaper or on facebook she become restless. I have read her face many times. but she shy to show interest. But, given confession about still she having him. What kinds of solution should u suggest for me. How can I remove his image from her mind. I have done every solution by doing as she wants . But, she never show too much interest in me. because now I honestly saying that I am failure to win her in all respect. Pl. suggest me solutions

    • Hi Avinash

      It so pity to heard abt ur story. I salute you becos u knws tht ur wife has lov in past life since u r loving her god wil help u to recover this problem as well. U just talk to her more as she likes in every aspect and fine our here hobbies and her intrest also, behave yourself as she likes as well. Every one has past love in the world due to some problem that wil b broken or stopped but that love has to b changed when u fulfill her likes and wishes as oftenly…. Never tell her that u r not loving me like that instead of that i lov you forever even when u hurt me also like this….. Hope u wil b spend happy days soon… All the best….

    • Divorce her if you and she cant live happily after all the tries you have given upon her

      if you really love her tell her that she is free to go and she can lead her life happily with her boyfriend, but in any turn of life if she required you then say to her that you are just a feet distance away

  11. My wife loves me very much. But some times she feels very angry. when She works very hard in household work . Some times he said to me i wanted to go her parents home. She is very happy there.after two weaks she also said to me i wanted to come back with you, When she come back she loves me very much. I also help in household work. I Loves my wife very much. i wnted to my wife that she always be happy with my.
    we have a daughter and son also . She loves him very much. She also loves me very much . but why some times I feel that she doesnot love me.
    Pl. Suggest me.

  12. Hi,
    I don’t know why girls although love kne marry another.
    If it is bcos of family respect, then y not they dedicate themselves to married one.
    Don’t know why they wants spoil happiness three.
    Need to talk with her to change otherwise open the issue with her family & close the topic.
    Where guys have time to impress & change stub born wife in our hectic life. Instead of caring abt society care abt urself.People have short memory…..

  13. @AVINASH PATIL even i m into same problem, did u get any response form anywhere did u find any solutions?

  14. My wife uses some harsh/dirty words when she is angry.
    I dont like to take dirty words on me.
    So I definately oppose with her.

    I told many times that your angryness is correct but stop using dirty words.
    Can some please suggest that how to stop dirty words from wifes.

  15. my friend

    my wife all ways hate me,no idea why hate me.
    all tray impress in my wife but nothing changes.
    1 year i am not told me and my wife .plz suggest in better relationship.

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