A Single Pill Containing Five Life Saving Drugs


heart pillScientists have come up with a pill that is made up of five life-saving drugs to fight against bad cholesterol, clotting and high blood pressure. The pill to be taken once in a day contains cholesterol-reducing statin, 3 BP reducing drugs and aspirin. It was equally effective as compared to taking these drugs individually and one did not experience side-effects while taking it.

The findings have been announced by the Canadian and Indian scientists in the medical journal, The Lancet. They believe that patients who are at risk of cardio-vascular diseases should prefer taking such a pill as it involves taking only one rather than five.

The study was conducted on 2,053 patients who happened to be Indian aged between 48-80 years, who did not suffer from any heart disease and only were faced with either BP, obesity, diabetes or smoking. If such a pill was administered to the population, the risk of heart disease would come down by 62% and stroke would be reduced by 48% due to reduced BP and bad cholesterol levels.

The study was conducted in 50 centers, which were Indian by researchers from McMaster University in Hamilton and St. John’s Medical College in Bangalore. They are of the view that the pill was safe to use and was tolerable even when taken together and of course very effective.

Dr. Salim Yousuf said that the discovery of the single pill had revolutionized heart disease prevention. The drug was well received by the world, but in India doctors were a little less excited about it. Dr. Deepak Natarajan said the pill would prevent flexibility to the doctors in modifying drug combinations to suit the patients on an individual level.


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