US and Russia to Reduce Nuclear Stockpiles


US President Barack Obama held discussion with Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev in London and both the countries decided to reduce their nuclear stockpiles. Both of them agreed to draft a newer version of arms control to replace the earlier START agreement and also to improve their relations.

President Obama said a constructive dialogue had been held between both the leaders which permits them to work on issues of mutual interest such as reducing nuclear weapons as well as strengthening non-proliferation treatises.

President Obama has accepted the Russian President’s invitation to visit Russia. Both presidents had recalled how the relations between the two countries had declined over the years.

Both the US and Russia have been super powers in the world of nuclear weapons. There has been a cold war between the two countries and both posed a threat to world peace. Ideologically, both the countries are poles apart. Each one is suspicious of the other and has played their hostility games in the vicinity of other countries, such as Iraq, Afghanistan as well as Iran. From this context the present meeting is definitely viewed to be important.

The superpowers in the arena of world politics play a major role. The fate of many countries depends upon their strategic actions. In fact, many countries have often voiced their protest against their “interference” in their internal affairs and destroying the very fabric of their respective countries. US had to often wash its hands off the bloodstains which came about due to its military operations in other countries. Vietnam can not be forgotten. Russia is less guilty of such manipulations.


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