Skeleton of the Sister Whom Cleopatra Had Murdered Discovered


Forensic experts and archaeologists claim that they have found the skeleton of Cleopatra’s sister, who had been murdered by the Egyptian queen 2,000 years ago.

Princess Arsinoe was murdered in 41BC by Cleopatra and her Roman beau Mark Anthony as she was considered to be a rival to Cleopatra. Her relics happen to be the first of the Ptolemaic dynasty which have been identified.

An Austrian team made the breakthrough, which provides us with information about Cleopatra’s ethnicity. Scholars often debated whether she happened to be a Greek or a Macedonian quite similar to her ancestor the original Ptolemy, who was a Macedonian general who was made the ruler of Egypt by Alexander the Great. Others felt she was a north African. Evidence gathered by studying the skull of Princess Arsinoe indicates that she had characteristics of white Europeans, black Africans and ancient Egyptians. This indicates that Cleopatra was of mixed race as well. They both were Ptolemy’s XII daughters born off different wives.

A team which was working under the Austrian Archaeology Institute obtained the forensic evidence, which is all prepared to detail its findings at the anthropological convention to be held this month in the United States.

The team began its investigations after it began to ascertain the truth of Thur’s belief that there was an octagonal tomb existing in the remains of Ephesus, a Roman city, which had the body of Arsinoe.

Based on Roman texts, the present Turkey is the place where Arsinoe was banished by Cleopatra and her then lover Julius Caesar after she had been defeated in the struggle for power.

Arsinoe, it is said, had been murdered after Cleopatra had ordered her new lover, Mark Anthony, since Caesar had died, to get rid of her so that she does become a threat to the Egyptian throne.


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