Rumors Rife JFK Fathered Love Child Secretly


Ex – US President John F. Kennedy is supposed to have fathered a love child, which was born to Austrian-American, Ms. Lanett. This was when JFK was a young bachelor convalescing during World War II in the United States. He was US Navy Officer.

Ms. Lanett claimed that she had an affair with JFK over a period of 2 years when they came across each other in Phoenix, Arizona at the time of Second World War.

JFK had said he would marry her when she was pregnant, but she declined the offer. She wanted to continue with her wonderful life that she was having and did not want to change it in anyway. Kennedy, of course, paid for the child’s education till he was assassinated.

Tony Bohler, the son born to Ms. Lanett is now 63 years old. He always felt why he did not look like his Mexican born father, who, he initially was told was his father. His mother had told him that Juan, her ex-husband was his father. Juan looked like a Mexican since he was one and always wondered why he did not look like him. Tony Bohler was quoted saying so by the Daily Telegraph.

Ms. Lanett herself is an illegitimate descendant of the Hapsburg family. Her father incidentally was a bastard half-brother of Karl I, the last emperor of Austria, who was on a holiday in Rome at a time when the Nazis had occupied Austria in 1938. They did not return to Austria but shifted premises to US. After being married to a Mexican for sometime, Ms. Lanett moved on to Phoenix where mother was running a motel.

Kennedy had moved to Phoenix in 1943 as he was recuperating from an injury caused due to his torpedo boat being hit by a Japanese cruiser. Here he met Ms. Lanett, and both fell in love with each other. He took her on romantic holiday all over America, which included Miami and New York. They also spent a weekend in Cuba.


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