Can India rise to be World Power?


super-power-indiaThe question that arises in our minds is whether India can rise to be world power? In the Asian region it is indeed a force to reckon with and is competing with China to gain hegemony within the region. Of course, when it comes to becoming a world power, it is not as easy as it has to face up to the challenges levied by the United States and the European countries.

How Britain reigned the roost?
One might recall that Britain at one time was the world power. It had many present day countries as its colonies, which includes India. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth was the ruler. Everyone paid obeisance to her. Britain gained materially as much of its natural resources were brought to its manufacturing industries from these colonies. These colonies remained backward, as they were depleted of their own resources and were subjected to alien rule. Finally, of course, the power came into the hands of elected local governments and Britain lost its glory.

India suffered much in the hands of the British. It remained backward economically, although, socially some reforms were carried out by the British and other social reformers.

How can India be world power?
India can try to gain hegemony in the world by hard work and determination and will power and make efforts to be prominent on the world scene. What should it do?

  • Economically it must become strong. Its industrial sector must flourish so that it can supply goods and service abroad as well, much more than what it is doing presently.
  • Better trade relations with other countries.
  • Control its population.
  • Streamline its agricultural operations.
  • Improve its image in world politics.
  • Better relations with its neighboring countries in order to ensure peace within the continent.
  • Strengthen its diplomatic ties with other nations.
  • Improve education levels within the country.
  • Be more vociferous in matters concerning affairs related to organizations such as United Nations, World Bank etc.
  • Try to promote the cause of disarmament and world peace.

India as well as China are both emerging as Asian powers that can dictate terms to the world. Nevertheless, India can pursue its own ambition to reach heights in the world.


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