A Third Woman in Prince Charles Life!


Popular figures have been known to have clandestine affairs and many women in their lives. They lead exciting lives and the press and people are always curious to know which woman is in their life or has been.

Up till now, the general view held was that Prince Charles, Britain’s future king had 2 women in his life- Princess Diana and Camilla. This is not so. It is understood that there is a third woman in his life- Janet Jenkins.

Prince Charles fell in love with Janet in 1975 at the age of 26, while she was 30. She happens to be blonde Welsh and was working as a receptionist in Canada at the consulate of Britain. This was revealed by his love letters written to her.

In one of the letters, Charles wrote that the apartment of the Welsh girlfriend would be the quietest place” If we went out the press would be on to it in a flash and that would be misery.”

Another letter reads,”My private secretary is horrified by the idea of ladies in hotels during foreign visits. I shall just have to get married as soon as possible and then all these people might relax a little! I still think my solution of marrying a girl from each Commonwealth country is the best.”

Some of these love letters, which were written in 1980, just a year prior to his marriage to Diana, were on auction on website eBay based on reports appearing in the Sun tabloid.


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