A New Addition to US First Family


US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama will be very soon introducing a pooch to their daughters Sasha and Malia as promised earlier. The pooch, which was publicly promised during the elections in November by the President Obama, will be a Portuguese water dog, according to tmz.com reports.

The pooch belongs to a well-known kennel in Texas and is being supplied with the help of Senator Ted Kennedy’s family. The Telegraph newspaper says “the black dog – a male – is approximately six months old”, the dog had been bred at the kennel and given to someone who sent it back. Now it is being “re-homed” again.

The kennel had sold to the Kennedys three Portuguese Water Dogs in the past all of them in the same lineage. The dog that President’s family will be receiving is from the same lineage. The Kennedys will be presenting the First family with a new dog, but actually the dog will be coming from the kennel.

The PWD is thought of as being very intelligent and does not shed. They are as intelligent as Poodles and other water dog breeds and have curly coats, webbed toes that enable them to swim and also can accommodate the allergies that Malia is suffering from. They are built robustly and have stout legs. Males grow up to about 51cms to about 58 cm tall. They weigh somewhere between 18 kg to 27 kg. They are usually quiet dogs and tend to communicate their desires vocally or through appropriate behavior.


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