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Harappans Made use of English type of Lingo


The residents of the Indus Valley Civilization that existed 4,000 years ago on the present day Indo-Pakistan border have been using a language quite similar to present day languages such as English, Tamil and Sanskrit.

The Indus Valley civilization, also known as Harappan civilization is a contemporary…

Indian Festivals

When is Navaratri? Navaratri Dates, Legends, Celebrations, Rituals


“Nava ratri” meaning “nine nights is celebrated twice during the year. It is observed in the beginning of summer and then once again when winter sets in. By worshipping Goddess Durga one is bestowed with wealth, prosperity and good health. Durga is another principal form of Parvati. It is divine to worship “Shakti”. It is celebrated during….

Indian Festivals

When is Kali Puja? Kali Puja Dates, Legends, Celebrations, Rituals


Kali is the ferocious image of Goddess Durga, and is a powerful Goddess. She is much worshipped by the Bengalees. Kali puja is performed to diminish all negativity and egos that prevent material prosperity and spiritual progress. The Kali puja is performed on the Kartik Amavasya night during October/November. The purpose is to seek help…

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