Personality Types and Career Choices


Apart from interests a person has his core values and aptitude(as already described in the article) that affect his career choices.

Personality Career
On the whole a person chooses a career that would suit his personality. Personality type along with the above three factors act as a periscope in judging an individuals career success.

The best way to recognize one’s interests,values,aptitude and personality type is self-assessment.

Personality Type Determination: Self-assessment is the best way to know yourself. You are the ultimate judge of your personality.

  • But, there may be instances in life when you would need a professional opinion on your personality type. You might want a career report that describes you. All you have to do is see a ‘Career Development Professional’. In another article of mine(refer to Role Of Career Development Professional), I discussed about the various parameters a career counselor uses to describe the personality type of his client.
  • The career counselor depends on a personality inventory teller called the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator(MBTI).

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: It is an instrument that assesses your personality type. It measures your attitude,needs,individual aptitude and your motivation levels.

  • This is the most widely accepted teller that career professionals use to help their clients take career-related decisions. The MBTI is based on a psychological theory proposed by Carl Jung. Jung’s theory states that individuals have a certain way to do things. Individuals have a preference and this preference is bound to remain consistent throughout their life.
  • Jung suggests that each individual has his/her own way of socializing,contemplating,decision making process and leading a life.

Based on these qualities he insists that an individual can either be

  1. Introvert or Extrovert
  2. iNtuitive((‘N’ to avoid conflict with Introvert) or Sensible
  3. Thinker or Feeler
  4. Judger or Perceiver

Upon observing the above personality types you can observe that no two from the same pair can be part of a personality type. For instance, a person can either be an extrovert or an introvert but he cannot be both. Personality types assessed using the above system are believed to give better career oriented results.

Career Choices for Various Personality Types: Let us look at the career opportunities available for each personality type one by one.

Let us first have a look at the Introverts;

INTJ: INTJs are mostly the scientist type. The professions that would best suit them would be sciences, law, medicine, engineering, teaching, business administration, software industry and army.

ISTJ: ISTJs believe in fulfilling their duties. Their best suited professions would be medicine,engineering,law,software industry,army,accountancy&finance and detection or police force.

INFJ: INFJs are often called protectors. Their nature would serve them best in professions related to medicine,psychology,social work,religious work,photography,music,painting,teaching and childcare.

INFP: INFPs are idealists. Writing,psychology,music,teaching and social work would be the professions tailor made for this type.

ISTP: ISTPs like dealing with mechanics be it machines or body. They would do good as engineers, doctors, athletes, software programmers, pilots/drivers, entrepreneurs and as forensic specialists.

INTP: INTPs are thinkers. Mathematics, sciences, engineering, law, teaching, writing, photography, strategic planning and software industry would be their best options to choose from.

ISFP: ISFPs belong to the class of artists. Painting, music, designing, teaching, childcare, psychology, animal care and child care would suit them better.

ISFJ: ISFJs are also often known as ‘nurturers’. Administration, designing, interior decoration, child care, social work, nursing and religious work would be their possible career paths.

Now let us take a look at the extroverts;

ENTJ: ENTJs prefer being executives. Law,business administration,University teaching and administration and computer sciences would suit them better.

ESTJ: ESTJs are often referred to as guardians. Law,teaching,finance,army,business administration,teaching and sales must be of interest to these individuals.

ENFJ: ENFJs are the giving kind. Teaching, writing, managing, event coordination, psychology, sales and human resources would best suit their interests.

ENFP: ENFPs are people who inspires. Science, engineering, acting, reporting, teaching, writing, politics, software industry, psychology and counseling will suffice their interests.

ESTP: ESTPs believe in doing. Sales,marketing,detection/police force,entrepreneurship and computer technicalities would be the fields they can choose to specialize in.

ENTP: ENTPs are known to be visionaries. Science, engineering, psychology, photography, sales, marketing, software industry and acting can be the fields they can showcase their talent in.

ESFP: ESFPs believe in performing. Likewise,they would prefer acting, performing, painting, sales, photography, fashion designing and child care.

ESFJ: ESFJs are known to be caregivers. Like their characteristic dictates they would fare well in medicine, nursing, childcare, teaching, religious work and administration.

MBTI no doubt offers a solution in assessing one’s career. But this is not necessarily a prescribed guide to choose one’s career. Each one of us perceive things in a different manner.

Bear in mind,you are your best judge.


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