Tata Young in India


Tata Young popularly known in India for her sultry moves in “Dhoom Macha Le” number in the movie Dhoom. She is once again back in Mumbai for recording of her next song with music composer Sandeep Chowta. The recording for the song is not for any movie number but for a music album.

Tata Young got international fame with her first English album “I Believe” in the year 2004. Tata young is exited about the latest engagement where she will be singing whole song in Hindi and not some words like her last song. She is also open to acting in hindi movies and is quite open to it.

She loves India and Bollywood. She however does not like the depressing and sad movies like Devdas, which she rates as highly depressing. She would also like to see Bollywood movies going international with participation of artists and stars from other countries.



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  2. I dont understand why Thai people dont like much. Many says because of her way of dressing during her music show.
    But I see thai females dres worse than farans or to copy .

    Tata Young is Tata Young no tThai female can beat her.
    William George

  3. Tata is the best singer. She can sing in any language, Hindi, Japanese, Thai, and English. I’m waiting for her new album. hey Tata! why not to get some of your song in Indonesian Language?!
    I believe in you…

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