Sonam Wants A Ban On Glass Coated Strings


sonam kapoor delhi6

After doing a few things wrong, Sonam Kapoor who was briefly touted as the ‘next big thing in Bollywood’, is off to do some things right. In fact, Sonam may have hit the bull’s eye this time.

Who ever saw Sonam in the movie Delhi 6 enjoyed her performance and the little play that she did with the pigeons. After having danced around quite a bit with the birds in the , Sonam Kapoor has now taken it upon herself to save the birds. In fact, she has written an appeal to the Home Minister, R R Patil to put a ban on the use of ‘manjha’, a special string which is coating with molten glass and is used to fly kites. The Manjha, which often gets tangled in tress and street lights and other tall structures, can be rather harmful to the birds as it can injure or even kill them.

This good gesture of Sonam’s was prompted after she learnt that a young boy had almost lost his life after getting several cuts on his body by a broken string of Manjha. It still remains to be seen whether a superstar’s efforts are able to move the government or whether they also receive the same reaction as that received by the common man – that of apathy.


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