Dia Mirza and her salsa


diya mirza

Dia Mirza is busy these days with her newfound love i.e. salsa, jazz and jive. Other then acting for movies she is taking time to visit dance classes regularly. She proved recently with her great lavani dance (a Marathi folk dance) that she is not only good at acting but dance too.

Dia Mirza claims that she learnt a bit of traditional dance when she was young but jazz, salsa and jive are taking most of her free times these days. She is attending regular classes for the same. Dancing according to her keeps her trim and the art she is learning comes as handy in her movies. Now that is what we call as JAZZ..



  1. I am a Bangladeshi national but watch Indian movie regularly particularly Dia’s acting. I am a fan of her. I like her very much. Wish her every success in life.

  2. I Like to talk to dia & I wish her to come up in her life she is really very beautiful I would like to see her every movie

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