Toyota plans to recall Prius hybrids


toyota prius hybrid

Toyota is planning a Prius hybrid of US as well as Japanese recall. The vehicle is a reflection of technological prowess .

According to Nihon Keizai, which happens to be Japan’s top most business newspaper that Toyota would of course notify the transport ministry of the country as well as the US department of Transportation that the recall would be to the tune of 270,000 Prius hybrids. Toyota said that it is no doubt considering the recall, but so far no decision has been taken to that effect. “Nothing has been decided on whether we will recall or not” said spokeswoman Ririko Takeuchi.

Incidentally, Toyota has lost about $34 billion in market value in the previous two weeks and its “AA” rating was reviewed by Standard as well as Poor since the recall erodes its brand image. It is faced with probes of problems pertaining to brakes with its latest model Prius in the United States as well as Japanese market. It is of course tightlipped regarding the gas-electric hybrid to millions of cars belonging to its company which have been recalled.

Efforts are on by Toyota to investigate the possibility of brake problems with its luxurious model, the Lexus hybrid as well as the luxury Sai sedan which also happens to be an hybrid.

The United States national highway traffic safety administration will be assessing the problem that Prius is faced with and also the safety risk to around 37,000 cars which would get affected. This decision has been taken as several safety questions arise with regard to the best-selling cars of Toyota, the Corolla as well as Camry on account of gas pedals that tend to stick.


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