Maruti 800 – Really a Car for Masses


maruti 800 carMaruti 800 ushered the era of “people’s car” and the way India travelled after it was launched by Suzuki Motors in collaboration with Indian government in 1984. The Maruti 800 was so called due to its 796 cc 3 cylinder Petrol engine. This 5 door hatchback was manufactured in India, Japan and other countries. The importance of this car to India’s car industry is immense as it is still being after 25 years. The car has been best seller in India for nearly 20 years before it conceded numero uno status to Maruti Alto.

The beauty of this car lies in the fact that it is the cheapest car available in India and is considered good value for money both in ownership and running cost. Maruti 800 will face competition from Tata’s Nano, which is expected to be cheaper and more advance than this car. Many other car manufacturers like Renault are planning to build low cost cars to compete with Nano. Will Maruti 800 survive the threat from Nano only time will tell?

Maruti 800 car is available starting from Rs 1.92 lacs Ex Showroom in New Delhi. The car is available in air-conditioned or non- air-conditioned versions. Maruti 800 is also available in Petrol and Duo version, Duo version one can use LPG gas as fuel also. Recently Suzuki India has launched a limited edition “Unique” with deluxe accessories.

Maruti 800 has undergone some slight face lifts but in general it remains the same as it was when first launched in 1984. The engines and exhaust were upgraded time to time and it now meets Euro III standards. The 3 cylinder in line 796 cc engines has 2 valves per cylinder Multi point fuel injection engine with 32 bit Electronic Control Module produces 37 bhp @ 5000 rpm (28 KW) in Petrol and torque of 59 Nm @ 2500 rpm. In LPG the output is slightly lower at 35 bhp@5000 rpm and torque 56 Nm @ 2500 rpm. It is available with 5 speed manual transmission. Maruti 800 can seat 4 passengers and has kerb weight of 650 kg. Maruti 800 due to its small size is easy to park, it has 4.4 meters turning radius and drive in narrow or busy lanes.

Maruti 800 has various safety features like side impact beams, laminated windshield, and additional body reinforcement. The new models have additional safety features like collapsible steering column, high mount stop lamp.

The easy availability of spares and Maurti Suzuki huge network of dealers and authorized service stations even in remote area are one of the reason for this car success and the fact it is still is being sold.


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